Instructional Resources

An Introduction to Basic Blacksmithing Tools handout (PDF)

ABANA Skills List for Aprentice and ABANA Skills List for Journeman Rank – Not sure what skills/techniques you should learn next? These lists are great resources to help blacksmith’s expand their knowledge. Please note that this list is provided for instructional purposes only and is independent of EK Blacksmith Guild ranking.

Below are some other guild-favorite resources for learning and getting started in the hobby.


Black Bear Forge (YouTube)

Brian Brazeal (YouTube)

Chandler Dickinson (YouTube)

Fris Forge – Viking Blacksmith (Instagram)


Greenleaf Workshop (YouTube)

Plessis Armory (YouTube)

The Knyght Errant – Historical Armor (YouTube)

United League of Armourers (YouTube)

Eric Dubois


Resources forthcoming